The festival

The association : La Plage Sonore

Laurent kouby

Director of La Plage Sonore & Cooksound Festival

Fanny Mallauran

Trésorière & Responsable équipe d’accueil

Elisabeth Lopes

Board of Directors

Émilie Di Ciaccio

Stage manager


La Plage Sonore, a cultural association

The Cooksound Festival is an event produced by the association La Plage Sonore, created in 1989 in Marseille. We offer a cultural panel where musical productions and accompaniment of artists mingle with the organization of events. These cultural initiatives, whose key words are discovery, curiosity and artistic mixing, allow different audiences to be brought together around three disciplines: music, cinema, and gastronomy.
We have also participated in large and numerous professional events such as MIDEM, Groningen, the International Festival of Benicàssim, etc.

Since 2017, La Plage Sonore has been a member of the Executive Board of the COFEES network (Collective of eco-responsible and solidarity festivals in the Region SUD) and of PAM (Cooperation center for Actors in the Music sector in the South & Corsica Region) since 2000. The director of the Cooksound Festival is also a member of the Orientation Council of ARSUD (South Region Performing Arts Agency).

Our activities

Thanks to the professionalism and networks developed over many years, more and more structures and artists are asking us to join the association and benefit from our know-how in the field of artistic and professional support. We have been asked many times to speak at professional meetings and thematic information days around themes such as develop your musical project or artistic development strategy. In addition to organizing numerous tours of artists abroad and in France, we also provide administrative services in order to facilitate the link between artists and employers or programmers, via the constitution of pay slips and declarations to contribution bodies such as URSAFF, ASSEDIC, AUDIENS, GARP, AFDAS, or even show holidays.


We have increasingly extended our activity by organizing numerous events where we have put forward our experience, our artistic skills and our constant desire for originality. Several types of events should be noted: special evenings and the Cooksound Party. These allow the public to enjoy an evening with a theme mixing three artistic fields: music, gastronomy and cinema.
Following the success of these Cooksound Parties, the concept was rolled out in 2011 into a real open-air festival, the Cooksound Festival, which takes place every summer at the Couvent des Cordeliers in Forcalquier!