Our values


An eco-responsible festival

The Cooksound Festival is part of a strong sustainable development policy, integrating eco-responsibility into its organization, with a large number of waste sorting and recycling systems, the presence of dry toilets, compostable dishes, and the incentive to carpooling to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Since the beginning, our philosophy has always been to set up an event in line with our eco-responsible values ​​by implementing various tools.

The gastronomic aspect being an important part of the event, we use seasonal and organic food that we offer you throughout the festival. Our culinary proposals are of high quality due to our work with many agricultural producers, which helps to minimize greenhouse gas emissions due to transport.

Non-perishable food that has not been used during the event are redeemed by the suppliers to avoid waste. We exclusively use biodegradable crockery (plate and cutlery) and we recycle our waste into composts in the shared gardens of the Municipality.