Mouss et Hakim is a duo formed by two brothers, Mustapha and Hakim Amokrane. 

It is by unraveling the common thread of their multiple journey that the identities of Mouss and Hakim come together. Slingers with Zebda, internationalists with 100% Collegues, partisans with Motivated, emancipated with their duo album, vigilantes of memory with Origines Contrôlées. 

For 30 years the two Amokrane brothers have surveyed the stage space far and wide and sometimes in collaborations (Brigitte Fontaine, Manu Chao, Olivia Ruiz, Tiken Jah Fakoli…). Mouss and Hakim wear the same colors, the same fights. Those of a music that draws from the roots in perpetual movement of a popular culture, with a universal vocation. 

You would think that the brothers would eventually calm down, that their battery would eventually run out, but the breakdown never happens. The thirst for creation and involvement of the two brothers never seems to be quenched and they continue with their new album. "Darons de La Garonne" sets unpublished texts by Claude Nougaro to music and proves that the brothers still want more. 

Saturday 23 July - 21:00
de 18€ à 22€ (gratuit pour les moins de 12 ans)


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