Christophe Bataillon


Giving characters super-fast movement, creating perspective, or even ravaging a planet with a monster…these are some of the designer's superpowers. In this workshop, Christophe Bataillon invites you to create a mini-book on the theme of gluttony and, why not, to launch his first publishing house !

Christophe Bataillon was born in 1979 in Paris. After the Fine Arts of Angoulême, he very quickly contributed to several magazines for the youth press ("Spirou", "Le journal de Mickey", "J'aime lire"), published children's books (Editions Gallimard, P'tit Glénat, Amaterra), is involved in the Café Creed Association and visits classes to introduce children to his trade. He lives and works in Marseille.

Reservations with the artist: +33 (0) 6-77-80-01-86

Friday 22 July - 17:00


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